Let's Go Win Podcast

Trust the Process! - With guest Chris Salem

April 08, 2021 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 68
Let's Go Win Podcast
Trust the Process! - With guest Chris Salem
Show Notes

Episode #68:  Have you ever felt there was more to give in this life but you kept getting in your own way.  My guest Chris Salem had a defining moment at the age of 31 and reshaped his world and so many others because of it.  Utilizing a growth mindset as a foundation coupled with some simple habits, Chris has been playing full out since.  He is inspiring so many people around the world yet does not put a lot of expectations on himself to do so.  Chris follows his routine daily to "give without expectation and receive without resistance".  It's an awesome conversation loaded with incredible insight from Chris!  Make sure to check it out!

Christopher Salem is an Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer, and Professional Speaker who mentors C-Suite, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and sales professionals to build and protect their brands by raising their level of influence as trusted advisors to maximize their results.  He also works with companies to create an interdependent work environment and thriving culture through a growth mindset foundation, effective communication, transparent leadership, and higher engagement.  His book Master Your Inner Critic / Resolve the Root Cause – Create Prosperity went international best seller in 2016. He also co-authored the recent edition to "Mastering the Art of Success" with Jack Canfield. His weekly radio show Sustainable Success is part of the Voice America Influencers Channel.  Chris is also an accomplished business & emotional intelligence strategist, award-winning author®, certified mindset expert, radio show host & media personality, and wellness advocate.

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