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Learn How to Pause - With guest Mike Acker

February 04, 2021 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 50
Let's Go Win Podcast
Learn How to Pause - With guest Mike Acker
Show Notes

Episode #50:   Do you want to improve your speaking skills?  Have you ever felt like the world is just not hearing you?  We all have felt this way at some point in time and my guest this week has some practical, tangible tips to help anyone improve their communication.  Did I mention that you will have a great time hearing his stories?  One starts with "My Dad was a Drug Dealer, my Mom was a Witch and I ended up a Pastor".  The crazy part is that isn't even the most entertaining stories he tells.  Make sure to join us to laugh, learn and get better at the communication game!

Mike Acker is an executive and communication coach, a keynote speaker, and the author of four books including the bestselling Speak With No Fear, which has appeared on numerous booklists even getting designated as the #1 book on overcoming fear of speaking on Forbes.com.

Mike passionately coaches business professionals to lead and speak with confidence. In presentations, he entertains and inspires audiences using stories of growing up as the son to drug smugglers who turned missionaries. He retells and relates lessons learned on how to overcome insecurity and exclusion in a cross-cultural setting. And he unpacks the path from employee to manager to leader.

Mike also enjoys rock-climbing, wake surfing, skiing, church, building Legos with his son, and going on dates with his wife, Taylor. Mike believes in the power of prayer, exercise, journaling, and real community to counter the stresses of everyday life.

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