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Let's Go Win at Health with Dr. Daryl Gioffre

July 21, 2022 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 214
Let's Go Win Podcast
Let's Go Win at Health with Dr. Daryl Gioffre
Show Notes

Episode #214: This might be the most important episode that I have ever had the pleasure of hosting. The contents of the show affect every single listener and every person they care about. Dr. Daryl Gioffre is brilliant and is educating the world on the dangers of sugar in our everyday world. He lays it all out in simple terms that anyone can understand and he also gives practical, real world advice on how to apply this knowledge without having to completely change your habits. You will hear "what the hidden sugars are in your food", the top 5 foods to never eat again, and how to easily read a food label. He doesn't believe in counting calories, tells us what a "strength eating" plate looks like, and which 5 supplements we should all be taking. PLEASE listen and share this show with all of your loved ones! Your health and happiness will be substantially better after hearing Dr. Daryl. I would be grateful if you would rate, review, and subscribe to the Let's Go Win podcast. Thank you and Let's all Go Win!

Dr. Gioffre is a highly sought-after longevity expert who uses a cutting-edge approach to nutrition to help his patients fight inflammation and achieve and maintain an optimal level of health and energy.

A former Sugar Addict turned Health Machine, he knows firsthand what it takes to overcome adversity and challenges in the pursuit of superior health.

In addition to running the successful Alkamind brand, he is the founder of the Gioffre Wellness Center (Park Avenue and Newport Beach, CA), a board-certified chiropractor in the state of New York, and the author of the best-selling books Get Off Your Acid, and newly released Get Off Your Sugar: Burn the Fat, Crush Your Cravings, and Go From Stress Eating to Strength Eating.

Dr. Gioffre was a featured speaker at the 2019 and 2020 Fran Drescher Masterclass Health Summit in Los Angeles, CA, and he sits on the Cancer Schmancer Medical, Health, and Wellness Advisory Board.

He is a passionate motivational speaker, certified raw food chef, live blood microscopist, reiki master, and has been featured in many health documentaries and summits.

Contact Dr. Gioffre:
Website: www.getoffyouracid.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/GetOffYourAcid
Twitter: twitter.com/getoffyouracid
Instagram: www.instagram.com/getoffyouracid
Instagram: www.instagram.com/drdarylgioffre