Let's Go Win Podcast

"Let's Go Win at Sales" with guest Ari Galper

May 12, 2022 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 188
Let's Go Win Podcast
"Let's Go Win at Sales" with guest Ari Galper
Show Notes

Episode #188:  What is your perception of sales? Most people have a very visceral response that they "don't like sales people or I love sales".  Our guest on the show is Ari Galper and I believe you will all be more in love with sales after hearing him speak. He is debunking sales myths that have soured the idea of sales and were ultimately inefficient. Ari is truly changing the sales game on a global level and doing it through authentic human connection and trust. In the episode you will hear why defusing pressure is so important, how to ask for permission first, and "trust is the new currency". The conversation is lively, educational and fun! Whether you are in sales, want a better relationship or want to be a more informed consumer, this episode is for you. I would be grateful if you would rate, review, and subscribe to the Let's Go Win podcast. Thank you and Let's all Go Win!

Ari Galper is the world's number one authority on trust-based selling and has been featured in CEO Magazine, Forbes, INC Magazine, SkyNews and the Australian Financial Review.

As trust becomes the most important currency in the new economy, the act of selling as a de-humanizing process with endless “chasing”, has been completely re-invented and anchored in the timeless values of integrity and trust – through Trust-Based Selling.

In his best-selling book, "Unlock The Sales Game", Ari describes his revolutionary sales approach based on getting to the truth and why having a mindset of focusing on deep trust, instead of “the sale” – is ironically, 10 times more profitable.

Contact Ari:
Website: www.unlockthegame.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arigalperfans
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/arigalper
Twitter: https://twitter.com/arigalper