Let's Go Win Podcast

"Let's Go Win at Forgiveness" with guest Jonathan McLernon

May 05, 2022 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 185
Let's Go Win Podcast
"Let's Go Win at Forgiveness" with guest Jonathan McLernon
Show Notes

Episode #185:  I went into the show with an idea of where I thought the conversation was going to go. How wrong was I? Jonathan McLernon has lost over 100 pounds, he has lost his entire net worth to a bad business partner, and he almost lost his life to muggers in South Africa. Coach Jon has also risen from each of these major setbacks but not in the way that you think. Normally you hear the music play and somebody hollering about how "it's not how many times you get knocked down but rather how many times you get up". Coach Jon got back up through forgiveness, compassion, and love. He is a "man's man" that has figured out the importance of controlling and using emotions to succeed in life. This episode will help anyone that needs or wants to forgive. You will be inspired and will be a better person after hearing his journey! Join us, subscribe, and share this amazing podcast with your loved ones!

Coach Jon is a weight loss coach and emotional eating expert who has lost 100lbs, as well as an online business mentor to new coaches building their online practice. From nanotechnology researcher, to Navy marine engineer, to globetrotting nomad, Coach Jon spent most of his life running from his true calling until he lost his life savings in a failed business. Now he's on a mission to help others through his coaching and mentorship to create a life they love!

Coach Jon has written 3 mini-courses, and 2 full length courses, showing coaches how to build a scalable online business, starting from zero, as well as written an e-book, called "The 28-Day Coach".

Contact Jon:
NUTRITION: https://www.freedomnutritioncoach.com
MENTORSHIP: https://www.jonmclernon.com
PODCAST: https://freedomnutrition.rocks/btba-podcast
EBOOK: https://leanandefficient.business/The-28-Day-Coach-Book