Let's Go Win Podcast

Let's Go Win at Marketing! With guest Clint Arthur

March 31, 2022 Host: JM Ryerson Episode 172
Let's Go Win Podcast
Let's Go Win at Marketing! With guest Clint Arthur
Show Notes

Episode #172: Clint Arthur chased the Hollywood dream for years and was rejected countless times on screenplays and various projects he proposed. He also met so many fascinating people on his journey, the who's who in show business, and utilized those connections to become a successful multi-millionaire who has written 21 books in all. Clint influences hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs to become "celebrity entrepreneurs" in order to increase their impact, influence, and income. As he said on the show "fear is my best friend" and why running towards fear is the best thing you can do. Tune in and hear some wild stories of world renowned celebrities Clint spent time with. Join us, subscribe, and share this amazing podcast with your loved ones!

Pulitzer Prize nominated author of “Wisdom of the Men”, Clint Arthur is an Award-winning International Speaker at Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Nasdaq, and The London Stock Exchange. Clint has also appeared on the TODAY SHOW, BBC, Sky News, Fox Business, CNN, and HLN networks.

Clint has been mentored by Pulitzer Prize winner Frank McCourt, Academy Award winner Arnold Kopelson, and also by everyone’s favorite celebrity, storyteller & Academy Award nominated actress, Oprah Winfrey.

Today, he will be telling stories about the biggest celebrities in the world, all of whom he has met and worked with, and has learned invaluable unique life lessons. He will also be talking about his book “Wisdom of the Men”.

I am also the author of (one of my 20 other bestselling books,) “Celebrity Entrepreneurship,” which goes deep into the details of how a regular person can position yourself as a “celebrity” in the eyes of customers & prospects. I don’t turn people into household names — I help you position yourself in your marketing so that you are perceived to be somebody “very special.” The direct result of this is that people you serve will be excited to pay you lots of money. Being “highly paid” is actually important for you and for your clients to be successful with what they hire you to do with (or for) them. I explain all of this in my 1st bestseller, “What They Teach You at The Wharton Business School” and in “Celebrity Entrepreneurship.” And while I have worked with dozens of household names, the good news is that you don’t have to be a household name in order to add many zeros to your bank account.

Pulitzer Prize nominated author, “Wisdom Of The Men” www.is.gd/wisdomofthemen (Audible, Kindle, Hardcover)

Contact Clint:
Website: www.Clinttt.com
Website: www.is.gd/wisdomofthemen
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ClintArthur
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